To begin

I have stopped RIGHT…HERE…

before in this process because writing the first post seemed so daunting.  As if I needed to distill all of my plans for the project right at the beginning from the very moment of inception, fully perfected and realized, into a single perfect opening post.


I am not going to do that this time.  In the beginning I am going to be a mess, because I’m learning and it is an evolving process.  I’m trying to figure out how to link this to twitter and then back again.  I’m trying to figure out why I need an page (even though I have one and it better be linked!).  And I’ve got to get Facebook mixed into this disaster.

For what you might ask?

This is practice.

It is very fun and useful practice, but it is, in the end, not much more than a bit of a dress rehearsal.  I pray with every fiber of my being that it is a rehearsal for a show that will eventually go on…but more on that later.

In summary:  My name is not aethershine.  My mother, though a child of the sixties, is far too kind to grace me with such a moniker.  Aethershine is my pen name and I use it when I’m writing fan fiction.


I know that fan fiction is kind of an F word right now, but I promise it has its uses, and I hope to make a case for that over the course of this project.  That is one of my goals.  GOAL: MAKE A CASE FOR FAN FICTION.

My second goal, which is of far more personal importance,  is to learn the ropes of social media and maintaining an internet presence.  Think of it as a dry run for when I finish my original work of fiction and I have to do this for real.  With my real name.  I’m not counting on having money for someone else to do it for me, so I figure it is best to know how to do these things for myself.  I like being self-reliant.  GOAL: FIGURE OUT SOCIAL MEDIA/INTERNET PRESENCE FOR WHEN YOU ARE PUBLISHED WITH OWN WORK.

My third goal is simply to write and hopefully link to other people who like to write and who have similar interests.  GOAL: NETWORK MOSTLY FOR FUN.

My final goal is that I work on this once a week.  Today worked out okay so maybe it will be a Tuesday blog…but this is going to be a bit of a slippery fish at first so for now…GOAL: BLOG ONCE A WEEK.


~ by aethershine on October 10, 2012.

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