Is it okay to start Nanowrimo if you aren’t planning on meeting the 50K word goal?  Because I’m not, it’s the flat out and out truth.  I am shooting for 22,000 words, which for some means that I shouldn’t even be participating.  I’ve been tracking my writing habits since June and I average about 525 words a day.  Jumping to 22,000 words will force me to double that, as I don’t anticipate writing on two out of seven days a week due to life stuff.  I know that I should be trying to shoot for writing the requisite 1667 words a day on the 22 days that I will be writing and in my secret heart of hearts I think that I will be.  That would bring me to a much more respectable 36,674 words.  We will see.  All fan fiction will be going on hold for now as I will be starting a new novel of original origin.  My current original work has been moldering all summer long due to loss of the thread.  I believe in my heart that I will return to it.  I’m hoping that this fresh blood will revitalize my quest to write my own work.  Fan fiction has been and continues to be a passion as well as an excellent exercise in working on the mechanics of writing.  I only hope that I can put to work some of the things that I’ve learned about characterization over the summer and this fall.  The widget for Nanowrimo will be posted shortly.  Hope it works.  Happy writing fairies please come and roost in my writing hollow for November.  Pretty please.  


~ by aethershine on October 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “Nanowrimo”

  1. I believe as long as you write, you’ve won.

  2. Whee! Word by word – each one counts.

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